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On highway 71B back in 1969 was the first RV Dealership in the area.  Ron pretty much grew up in that automotive shop and was there when the first RV rolled in.    He's been troubleshooting, diagnosing, repairing, rebuilding and servicing RV's ever since.    Throughout the years attending numerous schools for training on every aspect of motor homes and travel trailers has earned Ron the title of master certified RV service technician capable of working on all recreational vehicles inside and out.   Ron has his own service department located at 4026 Wagon Wheel Road in Springdale, Arkansas.   It's not uncommon for manufacturers to call on Ron specifically to take care of technical issues for their customers in this area.  The knowledge and experience alone is unmatched then the fact that Ron is such a perfectionist on every job he does has gained Ron the reputation for being one of the best in the nation and best in the area.  As a RVIA/RVDA Master Certified Recreational Vehicle Service Technician, Ron is qualified to do it all.  Don't trust your investment to an amatuer, get it done right the first time and anytime.  Please understand Ron works solo.  

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