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Brown Widow Spiders

An RV which had been sitting in storage in the Carolinas for the last year and a half showed up for some work. Ron noticed many egg sacks on the unit. After some inspections and research it was learned that the unit was infested with Brown Widow Spiders. The U of A really wanted a couple for research which we gladly provided for them. Also we gathered some egg sacks and to our surprise they started hatching a couple of days later. ,. They had only been found in the coastal states but they have found a ride to Arkansas. Brown with an orange hour glass they look the same as the Black Widow and are just as poisonous. I read where they don't inject as much venom as Black Widows. For whatever it's worth be advised they are in our area now because I know they had to be falling off that rv as it went down the road. On a happier note, the rv was repaired with no problems and the customers were pleased with the job.

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